Committee for Capacity Building of Members in Practice (CCBMP), ICAI is focussed on Capacity Building of Indian CA firms through consolidation and empowering small & medium practitioners by developing and upgradation of their professional competence. This Committee mainly deals with preparation of code for consolidation of CA firms, identifying means and ways for empowering SMPs, upgrading and updating the knowledge and skills set on standard practice, developing practice areas for SMPs, identifying role of SMPs in emerging areas, developing technical material to facilitate practice in new areas of profession, facilitation on IT savvy office management and audit tools for CA firms & SMPs, re-engineering of profession and establishment of CA Firms with sound infrastructure and finance & arrangement of social security & insurance protection for Practitioners & CA Firms etc.


Members of the Committee for Capacity Building of Members in Practice, CCBMP, ICAI for the Year 2017-18

  • CA. Mukesh Singh Kushwah, Chairman
  • CA. Rajesh Sharma, Vice-Chairman
  • CA. Nilesh Shivji Vikamsey, President (Ex-Officio)
  • CA. Naveen N D Gupta, Vice-President (Ex-Officio)
  • CA. Anil Satyanarayan Bhandari
  • CA. Jay Chhaira
  • CA. Prafulla Premsukh Chhajed
  • CA. Dhiraj Kumar Khandelwal
  • CA. Mangesh Pandurang Kinare
  • CA. Madhukar N Hiregange
  • CA. G Sekar
  • CA. K Sripriya
  • CA. Ranjeet Kumar Agarwal
  • CA. Manu Agrawal
  • CA. Prakash Sharma
  • CA. Kemisha Soni
  • CA. Vijay Kumar Gupta
  • Dr. Ravi Gupta

Co-opted Members

  • CA. N. K. Jain
  • CA. K C Senthilkumar
  • CA. Roy I.Varghese
  • CA. Amish Khandhar
  • CA. Suhas Premsukh Bora
  • CA. Ulhas Shivnath Borse

Special Invitee

  • CA.O.P Mishra
  • CA. Manoj Kumar Arora
  • CA. B.M.Agarwal
  • CA. Ravindra Singh Pawar
  • CA. Vijay Bhalla


Secretary to the Committee: Dr. Sambit Kumar Mishra